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Always at your service! Once committed, we listen to you, walk with you, give you suggestions and help you to settle only for the best. Our experts having sound knowledge in the realm offers you excellent assistance and our efficient support system ensures fast and hassle-free delivery and after service.


Interior Design

Everyone is different. So are their aspirations.

Anokha helps you to live your life in the way you love to. The interiors of your home tell who you are. With excellent designers, architects and other design professionals we add a pleasant twist to your personal traits to create tailor-made interiors where you can express yourself.


Home Renovation

Home is often a blend of nostalgia and novelty

Though you decide to change the look of your old home, you may still want to retain a bit of its age-old charm. But extreme care and creative thinking is needed to ensure a perfect blend. We take in the best from the old and instill a pleasant splash of novelty into it by understanding your makeover and sentiments.


Bathroom Design

Rejoice in your solitude

Unwind and speak to the real you in the absolute privacy of your very own space. Lovely and luxurious bathroom designs are our signature style. We are sure the enchanting designs and the perfect combination of theme, lighting and equipment will gives you a great private space.


Kitchen Design

It says, a kitchen is the heart of a home!

Let the heart articulate only positivity and delight. We combine imagination, creativity and functionality to craft unique and inspiring designs. Anokha Kitchen designs make you exceptional in style and functionality.


Bedroom Design

Your haven in your home

Comfort is the priority. Elegance, beauty and style follows. And your personal choices are important in fixing the appearance and feel of a bedroom. We have a range of designs and we are ready to change them for your needs and concepts. Walk in and experience the comfort we offer.


Design Consultancy

Let’s design a reality from a dream!

Dreams cannot be perfect. But designs should be. There is where you need expert consultation in the making of your dream home. With us, you can transform your personal aspirations into a picture-perfect reality. Be assured that you are living in a home that reflects your soul.